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with the analysis and development of the Information systems. Despite being a frontend developer in the first case, my experience protrude also to the backend development and business systems‘ analysis. Thus, I am capable of handling the whole span of development cycle of the project. Everything I do is a fun for me in the first case and my overlap into multiple disciplines has its roots mostly in the fact, I am new challenges seeker most of the time and I love acquiring of the new experience, which not only shift me vocationaly forward, but also mentally recharges me. The only acceptable outcome for me is a tangible raise of the usefulness for the final customer, which can consist in improvement of the effectivity of the workflow, reaching new markets or raise of the conversion rates of either the new or renewed solution of the web presentation.
For the IS/ICT project to be successful, dilligently performed analysis of not only functional, but also non-functional requirements for the systém, has to be done. This type of the bussiness requirements is thus primarily projected into the architecture of the whole information system. In the detailed analysis I primarily continue depending on the character of the project by proces hierarchy and porcess‘ threads modeling. All the time, I am takeing into account all the processes of the, which the final information systém will be to include and which will be either directly or indirectly affected by the IS. Only after that, I start the developmnet itself.
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